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    Things I Wish I'd Known before Starting My Own Business

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Starting your own business is tough. From finding the capital to carving out a name for yourself, there are many hurdles on the path to entrepreneurial success. Luckily, big benefits can make it well worth the risk.

    Always Keep an Eye on the Next Big Thing
    Much the same as the old adage, dress for the job you want, not the job you have, those in a business start-up should always have their eye on the bigger picture. Whether it's a new client or a profitable merger, you always need to be planning for the work that's just around the corner. If you only pay attention to the job you're already doing, you're likely to find yourself wasting time when you complete one job and try to drum up another.

    Be Strong Willed But Not Stubborn
    To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to stick by your decisions but be careful that you don’t become stubborn. There will be occasions when you will need to be flexible or try a different tack, so be prepared to let go of the reins every now and then.

    Invest in Professional Help
    Sometimes, experience is invaluable. While there are many decisions you'll have to make on your own, it can pay to invest in the opinion of someone who has years of business experience. Seek out opportunities for mentoring, share information with other entrepreneurs and don’t be afraid to pay for skilled professionals when needed.

    Scott Assemakis, the founder of thriving wine investment company EFWines, is always keen to share experiences and advice when it comes to business. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

    Hiring Staff [Resource List]

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Are you hiring employees for your own business for the first time? Then you might want to take a look at the following resource list:

    Staff Hire Toolkit
    This Business Link toolkit is ideal for small businesses owners looking for a step by step introduction into hiring employees. It also contains all the important information you need to know about legal obligations.

    How to Hire Your First Employee
    Hiring your first member of staff is a huge step and this guide from the Wall Street Journal will help you assess whether you're in the right place to take it or not. 

    Legal Obligations When Recruiting
    Be sure you're able to meet all of the required legal obligations before attempting to hire staff with the help of this useful article.

    What You Need to Know About Hiring Staff
    No matter how small your business, you'll need to cover and understand all of the basics before you're able to start bringing new staff members on board.

    Five Things To Consider Before Your First Hire
    Ponder these five top tips before you take the leap and hire your first staff member as you'll have a better idea of what you need from your employees.

    Always looking for the latest business tips, Scott Assemakis is the founder of EFWines, a thriving wine merchant with a brokerage department. Connect with him on LinkedIn to share the latest tips in the entrepreneurial world.

    HR Guidance for Small Businesses

    Last updated 1 year ago

    As your business grows, so does the number of your employees - but what HR regulations should you keep track on? The following is a useful list comprising HR information that is tailor-made for small businesses:

    HR Advice for Small Businesses
    This is an excellent resource for small businesses getting to grips with the kind of HR functions they need to offer their employees.

    When to Outsource your HR
    Some small businesses might find they are better served by outsourcing their HR to another provider. Use this article to help you determine whether that would be a suitable solution for your small business.

    HR Documents for Employing Staff
    Understand what kind of HR document sand resources you'll need when your small business starts employing staff.

    Which HR Information Should Small Businesses be Tracking?
    This useful article will help you work out which HR information is crucial for a small business and which areas aren't really applicable for start-ups.

    HR For Small Companies
    Get the low down on lots of HR related factors with this useful, top-level article from Talk Talk. It contains some handy facts and things to consider when you're thinking of creating an HR role.

    Scott Assemakis, is an entrepreneur and one of the founders of EFWines, a thriving wine merchant with a wine brokerage department. Connect with him on Goodreads to see his book recommendations and reviews.

    How to Choose the Right Printer for Your Office

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Getting the hardware essentials right is a surprisingly important task when it comes to setting up your office. By choosing the wrong computer or printer, you could be costing yourself dearly in wasted money and energy. Watch this short guide to choosing appropriate machines and be confident you're able to buy the right printer for your business's needs. 

    Assessing Your Printing Needs
    Before you leap into a printer purchase, take time to work out exactly what kind of material you plan to be producing. What may seem like a good deal at the time could later turn out to be a mistake if you choose a printer that isn't suitable for your needs.

    If you expect to spend a lot of time printing a wide mixture of photos, graphics and text, an inkjet printer could be just what your office needs. For small business offices expecting to deal with a lot of paperwork, a duplexer for double side printing and document feeder are ideal. You may also want to consider dual paper trays and memory card slots if you plan to do a lot of photo printing.

    Learning About the Business World
    Always looking for the latest business tips, Scott Assemakis is the managing director of EFWines, a thriving wine merchant with a brokerage department. Connect with him on LinkedIn to share the latest tips in the entrepreneurial world.

    What Facebook Graph Search Means for Small Businesses

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Social networking sites like Facebook are constantly evolving as they try to stay ahead of the curve and keep their users happy. One upcoming change is the introduction of the Facebook Graph Search, a new search engine function that combs the data uploaded by your connections and provides highly-personalised results. This function could be a useful social media tool for many small businesses, if they know how to wield it properly.

    How Facebook Graph Search Should Change Your Strategy
    The most notable difference the new search function could make to your strategy is the way that it can shift focus from providing content to instead concentrating on building and maintaining relationships with other users. You should also devote plenty of time to encouraging fan engagement.

    Ways to Take Advantage of This Change
    Make sure your small business is ready to make the most of the changes by first of all being sure to claim all of the local pages for any businesses that have more than one physical location. You should also always ensure that all of your pages have the most up to date contact information for your premises.

    Ensure that your business is correctly categorised, as this will make it easier for your business to be returned in the correct search results, and do everything you can to grow likes, check-ins, recommendations, reviews or star ratings, and tagged photos from your fans. 

    The Best Thing About It
    The best thing about the new search function is how it could help make your small business more discoverable to local users. This will be especially true when its successfully linked to the mobile version and that handy 'nearby' function becomes all the more crucial.

    Scott Assemakis, is an entrepreneur and one of the founders of EFWines, a thriving wine merchant with a wine brokerage department. View his pictures on Flickr and start getting more social.  

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