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    Influential Entrepreneurs: Mark Zuckerberg

    Last updated 1 year ago

    “Move fast. Take risks. It's ok to try big things. You're better off trying something and having it not work and then learning from that, than having not done anything at all.”

    Mark Zuckerberg talks about his journey at Facebook and the development of its objectives. Having started Facebook when he was just 19, knowing nothing about the business world, learning as he went along, the advice he shares in this video is certainly worth noting for those who are keen to start their own business.

    At 23, he became the world's youngest billionaire having dropped out of university. There are several lessons to be learnt from Zuckerberg's rise to prominence – cautionary as well as instructive – not only his ventures as an entrepreneur but also Facebook's application in business.

    This video is a collection of some of the telling quotes from the Facebook founder.

    Always in the hunt for new business ideas and tips, Scott Assemakis is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of EFWines. Connect with Scott on Facebook, where he regularly shares the inspirational videos and interviews he comes across.

    Five Ways to Build Your Pinterest Audience

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Being successful in business requires visibility, and in the modern world that means being visible across a range of mediums. Pinterest is one such medium that has emerged and developed into a prime marketing tool. Here are some tips for maximising your Pinterest audience.

    1. Include Pinterest in Your Email Signature
    This is a really simple step. To subtly promote your Pinterest page and gain new followers, add a link to your email signature along with your other contact information. This enables people, whether they're clients (prospective or established), friends, colleagues or a new acquaintance, to follow you with one simple click.

    2. Follow Relevant People
    Logic dictates that who you follow on Pinterest should be dictated by their relevance to your business. However, it’s also helpful to identify some of the 'big players' and follow them. By doing so, this makes it more likely that they will follow you in return and potentially like or re-pin your posts. This will give you invaluable exposure to their vast following.

    3. Be Active
    Social media benefits greatly (particularly in marketing circles) from a spirit of reciprocity. Check out new followers to see if you want to follow them back. Engage with those who engage with your content. Every ‘Like’, re-pin or comment increases the likelihood of the gesture being reciprocated.

    4. Be Specific
    Pinterest users tend to have dozens of boards, so it helps to neatly categorise them. By 'going niche' you stand a chance of reaching a more targeted audience.

    5. Don't Forget Quality
    It almost goes without saying, but there's no point in funnelling people towards your Pinterest if your boards have nothing to offer. Be considerate, insightful, and focus on content that will interest, inspire or amuse your followers.

    Scott Assemakis Entrepreneur in Bromley
    For more professional business advice, connect with Scott Assemakis on Pinterest today.

    March of the Penguins: Managing Google's Next Search Update (Penguin 2.0)

    Last updated 1 year ago

    There were mixed sentiments in the weeks leading up to the launch of Penguin 2.0. The update follows the roll out of Google's original Penguin algorithm last year designed to weed out link spam sites that exploited SEO loopholes.

    There was collateral damage as a result of that version, as some legitimate businesses found their online presence compromised. The latest update, however, has promised to be more sophisticated having learnt from the early teething problems.

    Having been implemented in May, early indications suggest Google may have stumbled again with bigger sites faring worse than the spammers under the Penguin 2.0 update. While a quick glance at recent search engine statistics and Alexa ranks may not directly link spam growth with the new Penguin system, it does indicate that the root of the problem has not been dealt with.

    To its partial credit, the Penguin update does appear to have identified legitimate web pages that employ questionable SEO strategy, the main spam culprits remain at large, as it were.

    For frustrated business owners, there are a few ways to help deal with the new system. Firstly, get to know your site's link profile. Investigate what kind of sites are linking to yours and if they are associated with spam sites then have them removed immediately.

    Similarly, it’s advisable to avoid any page links that come from sites irrelevant to yours, feature overly optimised anchor text, derive from sites purpose-built for SEO or come from 'unsavoury' sites.

    As well as cutting any ties with bad sites, it’s just as beneficial to foster links with reputable sites. A good place to start is to make your own site as professional and polished as possible with high quality content.

    Based in Bromley, Kent, Scott Assemakis is a business entrepreneur and founder of EFWines. For more business ideas and advice, connect with Scott Assemakis on Twitter.

    Creating Compelling Business Videos [Resource List]

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The following is a resource list on how to effectively use or make videos your start up:

    Five Reasons for Investing in Video
    Not sure videos are the right choice for your business? This clear and concise article offers some compelling reasons for taking the plunge.

    Making Marketing Videos That Don't Suck
    Reel SEO offer a comprehensive 10-part list to help you make sure your business videos don't suck. Be confident you won't fall into common traps, and keep your quality levels high with this handy guide.

    Effective and Free Business Videos
    There are ways to make effective and interesting business videos which won't cost you a lot of money. Discover some of the best ways to get on film without cutting into your profits.

    Amateurs Guide for Start-ups
    This is a handy article for businesses who have no experience with film making but who would like to have a go at creating their first corporate video.

    Make Your Business Video SEO-friendly
    Get the most from your business video by ensuring you know how to create a SEO-friendly package. This article from Search Engine Journal offers some essential tips for improving web rankings.

    Scott Assemakis, the founder of thriving wine investment company EFWines, is always keen to share experiences and advice when it comes to business. Connect with him on Goodreads.

    Business Tips from Former Tesco Boss Sir Terry Leahy

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Sir Terry Leahy is well known as a trendsetter and business guru, largely thanks to his time at Tesco. He was the brains behind the supermarket's loyalty card scheme, an innovation that helped him use customer insights to create new products and services.

    He's also written a book about his experiences in business – Management in 10 Words published by Random House – and has a variety of top tips to share. He recommends always finding the truth, and establishing your starting position before making any major business move, as well as setting audacious goals and being bold when it comes to making changes and planning the future of your company.

    Always in the hunt for new business ideas and tips, Scott Assemakis is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of EFWines. Connect with Scott on Facebook, where he regularly shares the inspirational videos and interviews he comes across.

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