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    Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

    Last updated 9 months ago

    The rise of social media and online connectivity may have pushed email marketing out of the limelight, but by ignoring the potential of an email campaign you could be missing out on a great low budget marketing opportunity.

    Email marketing is still one of the most effective tactics that help to drive sales.

    Think email is dead?
    Well… You would be wrong.
    One study by ExactTarget showed that 77% of consumers preferred to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. Another study showed that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase as a result of receiving a promotional email.

    Immediate and Easy Interactions
    There are few ways of interacting as immediately with your clients or potential customers as you can with a well timed and delivered email marketing campaign. By sending tailored offers directly to your preferred demographic, you're making sure they have the chance to see the opportunities you most want to share with them.

    Cost-effective Campaigns
    Email marketing campaigns also have the advantage of being particularly cost-effective. As long as you invest well in creative design, bug-free interfaces and work hard on your content, you can launch an email advertising round with a relatively small investment. Overall, it's a far cheaper way to reach customers than many other marketing initiatives.

    Global Reach
    The reach offered by an email campaign is also fantastic. What other form of marketing could allow you to share your message with people all over the world without adding on an exorbitant price tag? Use email marketing to tap into a much larger audience.

    Persuasive Power
    The nature of email marketing makes it the perfect tool to take advantage of impulse buys. Craft an email that will help guide your customers towards an unexpected purchase by including strong calls to action and by making sure you time your missive well. Newsletters and special promotions can drive sales very successfully.

    Tracking Ease
    If you want to know whether your email strategy is making the return on investment you're hoping for, you can find out quickly and easily. The nature of an email campaign makes it very easy for you to monitor every click and quickly analyse the numbers to determine the success of each email campaign that you send out.

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    How to Build and Keep Business Relationships

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Business relationships are undoubtedly a key component of any fledgling company. Entrepreneurs need interpersonal skills as well as being business savvy in order to maintain these relationships. Goodwill is not to be underestimated in the business world, and nowadays, with word of mouth spreading at lightning speed via online channels, this is especially true.

    Engage on Social Media
    There are numerous examples of companies suffering from poor management of Facebook and Twitter. The golden rule is to be genuine. Marketing speak is easily ignored and the real value is in engaging with clients and customers in an open, likeable and authentic way.

    Don’t Forget About Traditional Communication
    Despite the exponential emphasis placed on social media these days, there is still a lot to be said for more personal interaction. In order to show sincere gratitude or appreciation to someone who has helped your business (or you personally), it never hurts to pick up the phone or send a handwritten note.

    Be Attentive and Look at the Big Picture
    Commit yourself to maintaining regular contact with your clients. Rather than looking to quickly solve immediate problems, try to think about things from a long-term perspective and what will help your business continue to flourish.

    Also, if you have contacts who can provide a necessary service for a colleague or client, take the initiative to make a referral and put them in touch. Going beyond the call of duty will be much appreciated.

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    How to Use Video to Reach Your Customers

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Video is an incredibly important medium through which to reach customers in this day and age. With so much out there in terms of Twitter and Facebook, it is easy for things to just be ignored. While allowing you to be more readily visible in many ways, these platforms are so overloaded that potential customers can also breeze right past things amid the flood of information.

    With video, however, it is posted and essentially remains there forever as a permanent record. Even if it doesn’t immediately receive recognition, it is allowed the time to find its audience – a luxury that a tweet perhaps doesn’t have.

    Videos also act as an archive if people search for a tip or a product – they can be easily found. If you have posted something with compelling and useful content relevant to a query, people will engage with that, which will trigger a flow-on effect leading people to discover more about your business or product.

    It’s about considering what sort of culture you want to create, what philosophy, what kind of people you want to connect with. To get the balance right utilising video you need to create something compelling and informative that adds value to people’s lives.

    Commercials are still being created on traditional mediums such as radio, television and print. Online videos are just a different platform and a different (not to mention cheaper) way of communicating with your audience.

    Check out this video if you’re still not convinced about using online video for your business.

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    Why You Should use WordPress for Web Design

    Last updated 10 months ago

    There are a number of options available for those looking to build a new business website. One such option is the perennially popular WordPress.

    WordPress has developed into one of the most widely used web content management systems (CMS) and here are some reasons why you might wish to consider it.

    Easy to Get Started
    Installation is simple as most web hosts support WordPress. Otherwise, manual installation is also relatively straightforward. Fortunately for the technologically disinclined, WordPress’ prevalence means there is no shortage of online help and guidance available.

    Simple Customisation and Editing
    Being template-based takes the fiddly work out of customising your site. Different themes can be installed and swapped readily with choices from a range of free or premium options. If the pre-set layouts aren’t tickling your fancy, HTML-savvy users can always make their own adjustments in the code.

    Keeping content up-to-date is also hassle-free, thanks to WordPress’ editing system that allows you to view your content exactly as it appears while you edit it.

    No Fees
    You can download, install and run WordPress for free. There are no licensing or operating fees to contend with. The only times you’ll need to stump up cash is if you opt for one of the premium themes on offer or choose to hire a specialist web developer for any advanced customisation.

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    Resource List: Awesome Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Social media is all the rage now and there are thousands of blogs claiming to have the best social media marketing tips for your business. I made it my personal mission to scour the web and find some great resources for you to gather tips from.

    Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses
    Whether you’re an established or start-up business, social media is your key to customer engagement. This page lists five key tips for businesses to establish or enhance their social media activity.

    Social Media and Content Marketing
    If you haven’t already discovered the perks of social media and content marketing, your content marketing education starts with this information page.

    Social Media Fails
    Everybody loves a good cautionary tale, provided they’re not the subjects of it. Here are some catastrophic errors of judgment that not everyone would make, but that everyone can learn from.

    Social Media Tips to Ignore
    While countless sources are scrambling to tell you how to use your social media, this article takes a moment to challenge five points of commonly offered advice.

    Five Advanced Social Media Tips
    To help take your social media marketing to the next level, here are five more pointers to consider.

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